Tree Planting to Save Water

SOJASI is situated in Chimney busty near M-4, M-5 sections of forest range. There are twelve small villages around Chimney. These small villages have their water sources in M-4 & M-5 forest range. There is an acute water problem in these areas as soon as the monsoon is over. When we went to inspect the water catchment area, M-4 section, we found to our horror there were no trees there to hold water. It should be cool and moist in the ground. But to our disappointment the sunlight got through, the ground was dry and the bright sunlight hit our heads strongly.

So for this social and environmental problem we launched our tree planting campaign 2012 by organizing an awareness programme on “Plant trees, save our water sources “ on the 5th June 2012 (environmental day), followed by tree planting in M-4 section in mid-June & July.

Mr Y T Aden, then the DFO of Kurseong, Mr. P. Yolmo, the Dow Hill Forest School instructor, and Fr Paul Sitling, Parish priest of St. John’s parish, kindly accepted our invitations to be the resource people for the awareness programme.
There were local youths, political leaders and village people in the audience. It was a successful programme.
SOJASI is a very good platform for the Forest officials to share their knowledge and information to the ordinary village people, the political leaders and the NGOs. We the SOJASI team want to work with the government, political leaders and the NGOs to reach out to people for the successful developmental works.

For the follow-up programme, that is the actual tree planting in M-4 section, we got altogether about 1400 saplings from the DFO, Forest School director, Bagora Range office and Dilaram forest nursery.

Children of St John’s school (Class 9 to 10) Deorali, Upper Chimney Tamang samaj, Morning Star children and SOJASI team planted the trees in M-4 section of forest range during mid-June & July.