Ms. Cecilia George, Director

I joined SASAC as soon as I finished high school and trained and worked there for twenty-seven years. I visited Canada twice with Fr. Abraham to thank friends for their help and to tell them in person what we were doing. At SOJASI I organize the daily work, keep the accounts, and I am also the “mother” at Morningstar.
The SOJASI Staff
Mr. Lalchand Routh

I have been working with Fr. Abraham for twenty-six years. I got education with him at SASAC, and now I am working with him at SOJASI. At SASAC I learned how to keep accounts and run the departments, and now I am working in the mushroom department and in the store department. I have two children. Subham is fourteen years old and goes to St. Alphonsus School. Kajol is twelve years old and is studying at Mount Zion School.
Mrs. Saraswati Bhitrikoty

I was at SASAC as a student for about ten years. I was one of the group who went to Canada in 1987 with Fr. Abraham. After I got married I worked at SASAC as the head of the Compost Department. At SOJASI I am in charge of the Compost Department. I have two children. Pranesh is nineteen years old. He is at Kurseong Government College and is an honors geography major. Upashna is sixteen years old and is in Class 11 at St. Joseph’s High School.
Mrs. Sabita Luth

I was a student at SASAC for fourteen years. I got married and lived in Delhi for one and a half years. When we came back I went to work at SASAC2. I was doing the bookkeeping for the village dairy people, and I also looked after the marketing of the vegetables from the Square Meter Gardening. I stayed at SASAC2 even after SASAC collapsed and continued to work with the dairy people. At SOJASI I am responsible for the marketing from the Square Meter gardens. I live in Good Shepherd Village and have two sons. Ashwan is ten years old. He goes to St. Alphonsus School. Siddhart is four years old and goes to the village school. My husband John died in September 2009
Mrs. Dimpal Biswakarma (Das)

My mother came to SASAC in 1981 when I was one-year old, and my mother was pregnant with my sister. My sister and I grew up at SASAC. Fr. Abraham sent me to school and later I worked at SASAC in the mushroom department. I got married at SASAC and then went to Delhi for a year. When we returned from Delhi, we got a home at Good Shepherd Village. When SOJASI began I joined the Management Team and am responsible for mushroom growing and training. I have one son, James, who is 22 months old.

Mr. Rajesh Pradhan

I started working at SASAC when I was sixteen and worked there for twenty-five years. I worked as a mason, builder, and maintenance person. I helped in many departments such as the dairy. At SOJASI I am working on building and repairs. I was the main advisor in repairing the damage done by the landslide. If a dairy is added, I will look after it. I have one son, Deep who is sixteen. He is in Class 9 at St. Alphonsus.

Mr. Niraj Das

I was a worker in the piggery at SASAC for ten years. I married Dimpal, and we went to Delhi and then returned. At SOJASI I am involved in the construction and repair of buildings. If a piggery is added to SOJASI, I will be in charge of it.
Ms. Nita Roka

I began in the Head Start School when I was six. I worked in the poultry and went to Ram Krishna school. When I was in class 9, I went to SASAC, and I worked there for twelve years. I was in charge of the mess and worked in all the departments including poultry, dairy, and mushroom. At SOJASI I work everywhere but I will be a computer teacher when we get that started. I live at Morningstar where I am responsible for getting the children up at 5 a.m. and help in the kitchen and with purchasing supplies.

Ms. Mala Rasaily

I started my education at Edelweiss in 1978 at the age of five. Then I went to SAS and studied there till class 4. In 1983 I became a member of the SASAC family at Woodcot and went to St. Joseph Girls High School. In 1989 I went to Canada with Father Abraham and other member of our SASAC family. Because we had no steady income in my family home, I went to Nepal and worked there for some years to help my family. One day Father Abraham met me in town and told me if I would work with him in the office, he would be happy. So in 1998 I started working as a typist and as a secretary, and I'm still working with him today. My main job is to take care of his e-mails and other things he writes and to help organize his papers and photographs.

Mrs. Parbati Sharma (Paru)

I studied first at Edelweiss in kindergarten. Then in 1981, I joined St. Alphonsus School and studied up to class 4. Then when I was ten years old in 1985, I joined Woodcot and stayed in the SASAC family until I got married in 1995. Then after one and half years, I joined Fr. Abraham again at Woodcot to work in his office. I now work for SOJASI as one of Fr. Abraham’s secretaries. I do typing and any other tasks Fr. Abraham needs. I have one son, Prashant who is 14 and a daughter Meghna who is 10.